Dyslexia Therapist/Wilson Tutoring

$80/hour ($75 a session for three or more sessions per week)

Using the Wilson Reading System©, a multi-sensory approach to literacy instruction, BTB offers direct instruction with a Level II certified Wilson reading specialist for students whose basic literacy skills are below that of their peers, despite conventional interventions.

This system is very effective for those who have been unable to learn to read due to language based learning disabilities like dyslexia. Our Dyslexia Therapist will combine Wilson instruction and silent reading of high interest books to facilitate real progress in the area of literacy. Using the Wilson diagnostic assessments, we will be able to follow your student's progress through out the program.

“The Wilson Reading System© has accreditation from the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). This designation recognizes that Wilson Reading System certifications align with the IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.”

The Wilson Reading System© examines and teaches:

  • word structure, in depth, for automatic decoding and spelling
  • word recognition and spelling of high frequency words, including irregular words
  • word-learning skills
  • sentence-level text reading with ease, expression, and understanding
  • listening comprehension with age-appropriate narrative and informational text
  • reading comprehension with narrative and expository text of increasing levels of difficulty
  • narrative and informational text structures
  • organization of information for oral or written expression
  • proofreading skills
  • self-monitoring for word recognition accuracy and comprehension
For more information about the Wilson Reading System© click here.

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