$125/ hour
The Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and “504” process can be overwhelming. BTB is available to ease that process. Our consulting is tailored to your individual needs but may include:

  • read, review and discuss IEP/504 plans and evaluations
  • attend team/school meetings
  • discuss and support general parenting concerns (i.e., bedtime routines or behavior at home and in the community)


Our advocacy services will help you navigate the challenging IEP/504 process with confidence. By explaining your child’s rights and the range of available accommodations, the BTB team will help your child access all appropriate academic support programs.

As you prepare for IEP, 504, or school team meetings, BTB can help you articulate your child’s goals, needs and rights. We can provide consultation and/or attend meetings with you.

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Beyond The Bell: Educational Services is an educational tutoring and homework center serving students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

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