BTB Testimonials

"Thank you so much for the time and dedication you have invested in my daughter. She started off the year timid and reserved due to her dyslexia, for fear of being singled out, but has truly blossomed from your interactions. She now has less anxiety and is able to participate in the classroom. Additionally, her self confidence has spread to other areas. She is constantly making new friends and looks forward to attending school daily. Your knowledge and experience in the Wilson Reading System © has paid dividends to her capabilities."

Alison - Parent

"Jennifer was an excellent tutor who cared very much about my daughter’s progress and worked creatively to keep her motivated and engaged. My daughter and I felt very comfortable with Jennifer from the start, as she is experienced, professional and warm. My daughter made marked progress in her sessions and actually seemed to enjoy them (although she would never admit it). We highly recommend Jennifer!"

Melissa - Parent

“I would be hard pressed to find someone who not only loves working with kids as much as Nancy Mager does, but who truly adores and excels at teaching diverse learners. Having worked with her both in a professional educational setting and in our personal lives, I have seen time and time again how mindful, compassionate and effective Nancy’s teaching style is."

Andy - Parent

"As a parent of kids with invisible disabilities (autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety), I am so grateful to Nancy for being an unwavering champion and advocate for them in both the classroom and the community. She has taught my children strategies, tools, habits and skills that are laying a solid foundation for their academic and social emotional success. For the first time ever, my oldest child is loving and thriving in school because of the plans, tools and strategies she helped us to put in place."

Molly - Parent

"Most importantly, Nancy has taught ME so much about how to understand and help my own kids. Seeing Nancy in action foster the progress and success of so many children in ways that meet them where they are has opened my eyes and showed me to handle my own kids’ different learning styles with much more patience, mindfulness and empathy. This has been the key to so much progress for our family, and I am thankful for the profound effect Nancy’s teaching has had on all of us - not just my kids."

James - Parent

“When Ethan started working with Jen, he was a 9 year old, third grader who could barely read at a kindergarten level. The specialists told me that if he hadn’t learned to read fluently by that age, he probably never would. I refused to give up on him and so did Jen. Within 1 year of working with Jen, Ethan went from reading on a kindergarten level to reading at nearly a third grade level. Jen helped my boy, who wanted to learn to read so badly, unlock the code. He’s now an 8th grader who still loves to read especially Tolkien. Jen forever holds a special place in my heart for this amazing gift she gave my son.”

Sarah - Parent

"I found Nancy when my son was in preschool and I had concerns about his development. She observed him in school and helped us put supports in place at home. When he reached elementary school he was officially diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder, was having difficulties at school, and I wasn't able to get any services for him, so I hired Nancy as our advocate. She attended a team meeting with me and remained very upbeat and positive the entire time. What had been a challenging situation was resolved as she was able to quickly diffuse their animosity and was so convinced by her advice and approach that they agreed to even more services and accommodations than I asked for! My son began to thrive. Homework and attending school was no longer a battle and his grades improved. He is now a high school senior and applying to colleges. I can’t imagine where we would be without Nancy. It's probably too much to say that Nancy Mager is like a guardian angel, but I'm saying it anyway! I know everybody that meets her and her staff will feel the same way I do!!"

Elyse - Parent

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