Academic Electives at BTB

BTB was created for small group learning, and believes that exposure to "academic electives" builds confidence, plus a curiosity found in lifelong learners. Our electives are unique BTB-created curriculum and will be led by certified educators or professionals in specific fields of study. Electives will be offered on a rotating basis and are included in the tuition of our school day program, and also available after-school for students who wish to participate in BTB classes on an hourly basis. Each elective is 60 minutes per session. All materials are included.

Menu of Electives

Social Skills

Flexible Thinking and Other Cool Brain Tricks

Guided by the concepts of the Social Thinking (c) curriculum. Using books, games and other activities, students will learn about their brain, how to be more flexible, and get along better with others.

No more drama

This social skills problem-solving class will use improv games, skits and storytelling to process tricky social situations and plan for social success.

Friendship Clubs

This social group is full of fun! Each session there are different games and hands-on, interest based activities designed to improve social communication and develop long-lasting meaningful friendships. *Other special interest clubs created by request.

Executive Functioning

Intro to "Adulting"

Middle school students get a helping hand acing the many new responsibilities they face. These include: cell phone and online etiquette, flexibility, time-management, organization, planning and prioritizing tasks, goal setting and more. Grades 6-8

BTB’s 4 Questions

What work? How much work? How will I know I am finished? What do I do when I am done? These 4 simple questions are the key to independent work completion. Does your child need help initiating work? Do they struggle moving from task to task? This 4 session class teaches students independent work skills. They will learn how to take control of their environment and prepare for success. Grades K-5


Math Monsters

Does your child love math? Fear it? Hate it? This engaging class will make the most timid of number crunchers become math enthusiasts! With math games and hands-on activities, your kids will be begging for more!

Book Club

Let BTB help your child discover the love of a good book. We will guide readers in lively discussions about a group-selected book. We’ll also enhance understanding of themes, characters, plot development and more with role-playing, art projects, skits and more.


For learners who can’t get enough of science experiments, building challenges, technology hacks, and more, this class will satisfy curious kids with a sampling of STEM activities.

Save Our Planet

We only have one Planet Earth, and it needs our help. Learners In this class will explore environmental challenges we are currently facing and discover ways to get involved and help preserve our home.

Puzzles, Maps and Riddles

This class is a bit of a “mystery!” Each session will be filled with different kinds of puzzles, maps, riddles, secret codes, scavenger hunts and problem solving opportunities for small groups of students to solve. We will learn new tricks and skills to apply in all kinds of life situations.

Famous Fabulous Females

Using multiple modalities of presentation, we will learn about an inspirational woman in history. Female role models will be chosen from multiple disciplines including politics, science, art, education and beyond.

Current Events for Kids

Using multiple modalities of presentation, we will examine, discuss and report current events to help kids make sense of the news.

The Beyond...

Cursive Writing and Other Fine Motor Tricks

Cursive writing and using your fingers in various ways stimulates the brain and helps to develop neural pathways, improving mental effectiveness. At BTB we know kids love to impress others with unique talents and tricks. This class will teach students how to write in cursive and will entertain fidgety fingers with cool fine motor games! Excellent penmanship not required.

Let’s Get Messy

What is it about playing with goop that is so much fun? Each session of LGM will include different messy, mushy, squishy activities. Come with a smock and be prepared to make a mess with us! Sensory games and oozy substances are sure to delight!

Arts and Crafts

BTB has all the coolest supplies. Enjoy creating, coloring, painting, sculpting, crafting and more? Join us for AAC at BTB! Each session students will be offered inspiration with a planned project, or free time to create something of their own design using all our awesome materials.

Social Justice/Community Service Clubs

Do you love to help? Are you concerned about others and want to give back? In this club we will learn about different areas of concern. We’ll complete charitable projects, fundraisers, or create community awareness campaigns.

TV Game Shows IRL

We love to play games at BTB! What could be more fun than competing on a television game show? Each week we will replicate a popular tv game show and make you the star. Minute-to-Win-it, Kids Family Feud, Nailed-it, Kids Jeopardy and more!

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

Life is busy and stressful these days. Kids need help managing emotions and feelings. Each session will build upon the last and kids will learn new techniques to help them relax, manage stress, and improve the mind-body connection.

Out Of The Box

We love out of the box thinkers at BTB. This is a “make your own elective option”. Have an idea? Let us know. We’d love to turn it into a class for others to enjoy. Give us a new idea, write the description and submit. If we offer your class and it fills, get a $25 credit to be used for any program at BTB!

Financial Obligations
  • Academic Electives $40 per hour
  • Electives run 4-8 weeks (4-8 hours of programming)
  • Prepayment of full elective session required at time of accepted application
  • $50 family registration fee for 2020/2021 school year

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